It’s one of the great fears: public speaking. Some people break out in a clammy sweat just thinking about it.

I admit, that used to be me too. But on the launch of my book, I’m Fine (and other lies), I knew I had to become friends with my inner public speaker. And so, I did.

My public speaking gigs have included the Essential Baby and Toddler Show, Emerging Writers Festival, Write Around the Murray, Bendigo Writers Festival, Latrobe Valley Literary Festival, a whole range of library and bookshop talks around Victoria and Sydney, and the upcoming Word For Word Non-Fiction Festival in Geelong. They’ve ranged from solo talks to in-conversations; interviews to workshops.

I’m always there to talk about either mental health or writing (or both). With a serious message to spread, based on my book about depression and anxiety, there are always some tears and stories shared, and a whole lot of questions asked - but I also love to lighten the tone and get everyone laughing. I talk about the power of sharing our stories, what depression looks and feels like, how I overcame this serious illness, and harnessing self-kindness to get ourselves out of a black hole.

Mine is a story of hope; many come up to me afterwards to say that they feel more hope than ever after seeing someone who has suffered so dreadfully being up on stage, happy.

I speak with powerful honesty, genuine care, and a wish to help others ease their pain sooner than I did.

And the greatest news of all is … I’m available for speaking bookings in 2020!

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