It’s a funny thing, to have a book without a title.

Naming a book is harder than it sounds. A bit like naming a baby: the pressure of choosing the right name, one that sounds good with your last name, that hits the tone of what you like, that you and your partner both agree on, that no one ruins by making jokes about it, that isn’t the name of the bullies that either of you went to school with, and that suits how the baby looks … it’s a lot of pressure.

Naming a book is just like that.

I’m very fortunate that this has been a collaborative process. Being such a personal story, the good people at Wild Dingo Press have been keen for me to be happy with each step of the process, including the all-important title.

Coming up with the right title (and subtitle) has involved lots of discussions, phone calls and emails. It’s seen me spend hours - days! - brainstorming, annoying my family to provide opinions and waking up at odd hours during the night with ideas. (Some of which still sound good in the morning, others not so much.)

This book isn't just about postnatal depression. It's also about the beautiful joys of motherhood, life after kids, relationships, careers and self-compassion. There are dark moments, as well as lots of laughs at the ridiculousness of life through those years. 

How to sum all that up in a few words? 

Well, here 'tis:

- Postnatal depression, motherhood and trying to actually be fine

I can’t wait to share it with you all.