It was books that started my love of stories, and which inspired me to use my own words to create tales of my daydream worlds as well as my true experiences.

I loved books so much that I did everything with one in hand; my head was in books so often that my dad used to call out in frustration, "Put the book down and look at the world around you!" (I'd look up - briefly - and wonder what he was on about: I was exploring the world, right there in my hands); I wanted to create books so desperately that I wrote in all my favourites, much to my mum's horror (I was pretending to be the author, writing and signing all my best books).

So, launching the part of my career in which I write books doesn't feel like entering a new, unknown place; it feels like coming home.

My first book is coming out in April, published by Wild Dingo Press!

It's my story, a story that I had to write before I could continue writing anything else. It's the story of my experience of postnatal depression: from the moment I gave birth to my first child to eight years later when I finally asked for help.

It's the story of making friends with yourself, which I found surprisingly vital in dealing with depression and anxiety.

It's raw, and it's a little bit funny. If stories are important in the world - and they are - then I hope this one can serve people: make them feel less alone, open themselves up to their own story, inspire self-compassion.

I'll keep you all posted as the title, cover and launch details come.