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I slept through my first labour.

With her career down the toilet, a husband who was never home, a baby screaming non-stop and her cries for help falling on deaf ears, Megan Blandford spent years saying, “I’m fine”.

Spoiler alert (not really): she wasn’t fine.

I’m Fine (and other lies) is a touching true story of motherhood: the challenges it presents, and the hope that can be found within it.

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“A warm, honest and deeply personal account of the new parenthood rollercoaster, canvassing all the joys and unvarnished challenges it can bring. It is a testament to the power of individual stories in breaking down the stigma that persists, for some, around postnatal depression and mental illness.” - Georgie Harman, Chief Executive Officer, Beyond Blue

“A candid, brave and uplifting read from a writer who’s not afraid to speak her truth - not anymore. Megan is the voice of countless women as she captures the motherhood quandary of our age: the secret struggle with darkness while trying to keep it all together.” - Jacinta Tynan, author and journalist

“A wonderful account of Megan’s personal story, highlighting the unknown realities that many mums face on the journey into motherhood. Beautifully written, elements of her story will certainly resonate with other mothers, and importantly remind them that they are not alone in what can often be a lonely and challenging time.” - Dr Nicole Highet, Founder and Executive Director of COPE: Centre of Perinatal Excellence

“Motherhood is hard. Read this book. It will help.” - Caroline Overington, author and journalist

“An intensely personal and heartfelt story of one woman's journey through depression to find herself ... I hope this helps other women free themselves of their own negative internal voice long enough to get help.” - Anne Buist, psychiatrist and author

"Megan has penned a raw and visceral account of living with depression, told with powerful honesty and beautifully crafted words that will linger long after you turn the final page." - Valerie Khoo, CEO, Australian Writers’ Centre

“Megan gifts us a story of pregnancy, birth and the impact of mental health that is authentic, moving and relatable. Becoming a parent changes everything and Megan speaks directly to each of us who have lived the profound joy and hidden angst of parenting, sharing her journey with warmth, humour and raw honesty.” - Dr Vijay Roach, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Former Chairman of the Gidget Foundation Australia