Like everyone who grew up loving to write, I've always dreamed of writing books.

Last year, I even got brave enough to work on a manuscript - the one that I'd been trying to escape for years. I'd tried and tried to write other things, but this one was blocking them all from coming out of my head; eventually, I had to face up to it. 

It's the true story of my struggle with postnatal depression. An agent I know took the manuscript on and began submitting it to publishers, while I kept on writing new things.

Then, this year, my memoir was accepted by a publisher. Living the dream!

I got the call from my agent and was thrilled, of course, but there was a weird feeling accompanying my happiest emotions. It was that I didn’t know how to react. How do you react to the news of your life coming true?

When I’d pictured being told I was going to be a published author, I’d always imagined myself jumping up and down, screaming and crying. Only … that’s not very me. I’m a little more understated than that. And so, I took the news my way: by calmly saying, “That’s amazing!”, driving twenty kilometres to where my husband and kids were that afternoon to tell them in person, then driving home again, feeling overwhelmed, and cracked a bottle of champagne that happened to be in the fridge (fate?).

I guess you never know until it happens, that even the biggest news doesn’t turn you into a squealing, jumping person. We all do excitement in our own way.