Hello, I'm Megan. 

What you might like to know About Me is that I write stories people relate to, for some of the best publications and organisations in Australia. 

There are some other things you may or may not want to know About Me, so I’ll put them here just in case you do.

I wanted to be a writer from as far back as I can remember. My mum used to tell me off for scribbling my name dozens of times on the front pages of my favourite books, not realising I was pretending to be an author signing for my biggest fans. (AKA my dolls.) (And Mum still told me off when she eventually found out that's why I did it.)

I didn’t follow this dream straight away, though. I didn’t write – not publicly at least – until I reached my 30s, having spent the previous decade chasing corporate success. I climbed the career ladder to the dizzying heights of human resources management, before deciding to try my hand at writing something other than company policies.

Now, I've established a career as a freelance writer who is relied upon by print and online publications, and large and medium-sized businesses alike.

My favourite things to write are stories and articles that have people saying 'me too', or that highlight interesting issues. My least favourite thing to write is my own About Me page.

As for other things I enjoy, well, I love to read, travel, hike, ski, listen in to other people’s conversations to get story ideas, and drive my kids to various activities all weekend (okay, I don’t enjoy that but I do it a lot).

I live in country Victoria with my husband, two children and far too many animals.